Acrylic + Ink
11 " x 14"
2005 - SOLD

"I Am Your Plaything" was originally going to be employed as the front of the postcard to promote the second installment of "The Vivisect Playset", a show I curated featuring artists who regularly employ animals in their art to illustrate the human condition.
Gallery 1988 hosted the show, and though my plans fell through, I feel that this painting suited the shows name nicely.

Also, due to the reduced size of the image, some people seem to be under the impression that the bear is holding a pen, and that the lettering is inked. What I was really trying to illustrate is the bear holding an X-Acto® knife, and the words actually being cut into his chest. Here's a link to a DETAIL OF THE PAINTING. After seeing it up close, I don't think there should be any question concerning the bears motives