Kids These Days
Monday, April 26, 2004
by Tim Grierson

“Inspirations range from Mark Rothko to Sanrio,” his bio reads, but my eyes see the same glee-in-dystopia that Stanley Donwood brings to his apocalyptic artwork for Radiohead. Chueh’s paintings of silent children, monkeys, and bunnies appear frozen in melancholy, allowing us to safely view their misery from a distance. That distance creates empathy, of course – who could resist such horrible images of a pig eating himself and a hen contemplating a plate of delicious eggs? But there is humor, too – a twisted child’s-eye view of harsh lessons learned in entertaining ways. Ultimately, Chueh’s work walks the fine line between tragedy and comedy. He knows we live in a world where legless animals get running shoes for gifts, but he doesn’t insist that we still can’t find that irony amusing.