Luke Chueh
by Erika Kao

It was an evening of art and music hosted by Cannibal Flower, one of the major player in LA's underground art circuit. Cannibal Flower's monthly group exhibit showcases from 50 to 90 upcoming artists in funky downtown LA loft spaces. One artist on the horizon is Luke Chueh, who creates his paintings using acrylic and ink. An ongoing theme of animals like teddy bear, pig, and monkey seem "cute" or "whimsical" at first; yet, they generate emotions as dark and complex as the colors Chueh uses in his paintings. You may notice that all of his cute characters are stuck in some philosophical dilemma, such as a chicken staring at a plate of fried eggs. Chueh created the paintings with a cruel intention "bad things happen to cute creatures" inspired by Murphy's Law, pop culture, and all sorts of ironies that we run into in life. "Headrest" (as shown), for one, portraits Chueh himself sitting on his own head and contemplating his next move. After created a series of bear paintings, he began wondering if it's the direction that his art is naturally progressing into, or if it's something that would lock himself into a formula in the future. Luke's work can be seen at the February Cannibal Flower show and at Black Market Clothing in Los Angeles. Look up Chueh's work at